Designing a Pet-Friendly Custom Home

Excited to design your new home? So are we! When you begin the process of designing your dream house many things will come to mind. How should my master bedroom look? How big should my children’s bedroom be? And if you have a pet who will be moving into the new home, more decisions will arise.

But in actuality, designing a pet-friendly home is not hard at all. You just have to keep a few things in mind:

  • Flooring: Flooring is a huge concern for many homeowners with pets. If your dog is trained to go outside, than most of the time you won’t have issues. But if your pet is not, many homeowners usually go with a stain resistant hardwood floor.

If you want to make your pet’s life and yours a bit easier you can consider adding these features to your home:

  • Custom Washing Station: This feature might actually make YOUR life easier! Bathing your pet gets really messy, but if you add a pet shower outside or in a utility room, it will save you the extra cleanup.
  • Feeding Stations: Forget about spilled water bowls! You can create built-in feeding areas in sliding drawers or anywhere there is an open cabinet space. You can also design a storage place for your pet’s food. dog eating
  • Litter box: If you have a cat you can consider adding a built-in litter box. This is a good way to hide the litter box perhaps in a wall or cabinet.
  • Doors: Although you can install pet gates, designing custom pet doors that fit with your home’s style will make your home look so much better! Consider Dutch doors that are only open in the top half. door pet
  • Pet Rooms: And just like creating a child’s playroom you could make one of the rooms in your home a place for your pet which could include all of the things that we mentioned.

Consider all these features when designing your new home. It will also depend on the type of pet that you have, the size, and your lifestyle. Republic Home Builders will help you design your perfect home! Give us a call!

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