Safety Features Every Home Should Have

Whether you are building, buying, or just getting a second home in the Fredericksburg area, you want to make sure that every safety feature is in place in your new home. Unless you are proactive about these things, many homeowners either think “this could never happen to me” or just simply forget in the process of buying a new home. But having these features at home could really protect you and your family if an accident happens so it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

  • The first thing you need is insurance! Good home insurance will cover any damages or break-ins that you may have.
  • A first-aid kit is necessary. Accidents are bound to happen, especially if you have little kids. Make sure to stock it with things like gauze and antibiotic ointment. And place it in a place where everyone can find it.first-aid kit
  • Prepared for a fire? If not, get a fire extinguisher! Maybe two! Keep one in the kitchen and one close to the fireplace.
  • And of course you need to have the following installed and working properly: smoke detectors, heat detectors, burglar alarm or a security system.

Aside from things that you should have at home, during the building process, you can make certain choices that can make your home safer.

  • Staircases and Handrails: Things you should check are the width of the step which should be 10-11 inches, the rise of the stairs which varies on height (make sure is comfortable for you and your family) and that the handrail is secured and fastened.handrail
  • Patio Flooring: While materials like marble or brick will make your patio look beautiful, it can be dangerous for older individuals. Most stone can become really slippery after rain and snow. If you do decide to install it, consider a handrail that can help you hold your weight during bad weather.
  • Lighting: You need to have the right lighting in the right places. Having light outside of your home can keep burglars away and help you get inside safely. What about enough light in the hallways or basement? Think about where you or your family members will need light.

We hope this list can help you in keeping your home accident-free. If you want to implement safety features in your next home, give Republic Home Builders a call! We will work closely with you so that your home is beautiful, sturdy and safe!


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