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front porch

4 Reasons Why A Front Porch is A Great Addition to Your Home

Welcome back to the Republic Home Builders blog! If you are a Virginia resident, we hope you are enjoying this crazy Virginia weather. But if you’re not, hang in there, summer is coming to the Fredericksburg area. We have taken advantage of the sunny days that we have gotten, and we’ve stayed busy building beautiful homes.

Today we want to talk about front porches! Spring is the time of year when we relax with a book in our hands on our front porch. If you are a future homeowner, we have a question for you, have you considered a home with a front porch? If you know that you want one, then we are on the same page! Having a front porch is awesome! But if you are still on the fence about it, allow us to change your mind.

Why is a front porch a GREAT addition to your home?

Added Value

Having a porch enhances your curb appeal! Homes that have a beautiful exterior or great landscaping usually go for more in the market. So if you ever plan to sell your home, there is no doubt that a beautiful porch is an attractive feature to a homebuyer.

beautiful porch

Outdoor Entertainment

Instead of napping, reading a book, or entertaining guests inside, the front porch is a great place to hangout and enjoy the outdoors without going far from home. It can be raining, and you can sit outside with friends and family enjoying the fresh air and a sweet glass of tea.


A front porch can be a life saver for snowy, rainy or sunny days! If you are coming home and forgot your keys, you can wait outside while being protected from the elements. A porch can also protect your incoming guests, while they wait for you to open the door, they can sit on the outdoor furniture or clean off their shoes. We just hope it’s not too cold outside!

Furnishable Space

If you love home decor, the front porch is another fun place to decorate. You also don’t have to decorate this area in accordance with the rest of the decor found in your home since this is an outdoor space. Depending on the style of your porch or if it’s open or enclosed, you can choose a variety of furniture.

furniture porch

We truly love front porches; we believe that they add beauty and style to your home. Republic Home Builders works with you hand-in-hand so we can design your perfect home which includes additions such as front porches. If you are ready to build your new home, give us a call! You can also follow us on Facebook and keep up with our projects! 

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