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basement bar

Designing Your Basement Bar

Basements don’t have to be boring or used for storage. They can be a stylish space to spend time with family and to entertain guests. One of the benefits of designing a custom home is that you get to design every room from beginning to end. When you buy a home, a lot of times you inherit an unfinished or …

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floor plan

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Floor Plan

It’s a new month and a new blog post! Welcome back to our blog, today’s post is about floor plans. In both May and June, we wrote about open and closed floor plans. We talked about the differences between them and why people choose one over the other. Today’s post is similar but a bit different. Instead of talking about …

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new home

Safety Features Every Home Should Have

Whether you are building, buying, or just getting a second home in the Fredericksburg area, you want to make sure that every safety feature is in place in your new home. Unless you are proactive about these things, many homeowners either think “this could never happen to me” or just simply forget in the process of buying a new home. …

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dog family

Designing a Pet-Friendly Custom Home

Excited to design your new home? So are we! When you begin the process of designing your dream house many things will come to mind. How should my master bedroom look? How big should my children’s bedroom be? And if you have a pet who will be moving into the new home, more decisions will arise. But in actuality, designing …

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beautiful house

Adding a Garage to Your Custom Home

Welcome back to our blog! Here at Republic Home Builders, we work every day to design your perfect home. We get all kinds of requests from our clients from the style of the home to the built in additions. And although we can provide clients with our home plans, at the end of the day, this is your home, and it …

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Shutterstock 257790997

Design: Closed Floor Plans

In our last blog post, we talked about open floor plans. Open floor plans are incredibly popular right now for new home construction and for remodels. But remember, trends come and go! And perhaps, in the next few years closed floor plans will make a comeback. So why would you choose a closed floor plan? Well everyone has a different …

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open floor plan

Design: Have You Considered An Open Floor Plan?

Designing your home is a stressful but fun process. There are so many styles and trends that it might seem like an endless task, but as you start deciding on specific things, you began to narrow down your style. And we want your home to be perfect! So we always listen to what our clients want, and we suggest classic …

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front porch

4 Reasons Why A Front Porch is A Great Addition to Your Home

Welcome back to the Republic Home Builders blog! If you are a Virginia resident, we hope you are enjoying this crazy Virginia weather. But if you’re not, hang in there, summer is coming to the Fredericksburg area. We have taken advantage of the sunny days that we have gotten, and we’ve stayed busy building beautiful homes. Today we want to …

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home lot

3 Tips for Picking the Right Lot for Your Home

So you’ve decided that you want to design a home. Great! When we think of buying a home or in this case, designing one. We mostly think of the number of rooms, style of the home, type of floor, etc. But have you started thinking about the lot of your home? In other words, the space where your new home will sit. …

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energy efficient

Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Home

As we approach Earth Day (April 22nd), we want to celebrate our earth by talking about the many benefits of building an energy-efficient home. We are experts on building dreams, and we will build the perfect home for your needs. And many times that home might end up being an energy-efficient one! Sometimes we get requests from our clients about helping them build and …

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