Custom Homes for Your Lake Anna Retreat

Republic Home Builders are experts who will help you with your biggest decision concerning your Lake Anna Home. Choosing a home style and design is one of the first decisions you should make, as other design elements for your home will begin to fall into place once you make that decision.  Whether you are on the Spotsylvania or Louisa side of the lake or in the Orange area, you will need to make informed decisions when building a custom home is the style that suits your family best.  Of course, this is easier said than done given that there are dozens of home styles popular in the United States and it’s entirely possible to blend two or more styles of architecture to create the home of your dreams. To help you get started, here are 12 of the best architecture styles that can blend seamlessly with life along Lake Anna.


Bungalow homes are originally from India and became popular when the British wanted to create informal and easy-to-build retreats for travelers. By the 1900s, the bungalow style made its way to California when residents tired of the ornate Victorian-style homes that dominated the landscape at the time. Bungalow homes usually have a stone chimney with a low-profile roof and a covered porch. Bungalows are also defined for their mix of indoor and outdoor space with pergolas, courtyards, verandahs, terraces, and patios. Checkout in Detail

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes were first built in the 1600s and inspired by the thatched cottages of Britain with steeper roofs and large chimneys. Cape Cod homes were designed to withstand harsh winter conditions along the New England coast, but their image of integrity, warmth, and comfort has made them popular elsewhere. Cape Cod style homes can also lend themselves well to quiet lakeside living with the quintessential American cottage look and large dormers for lake views from every room. Checkout in Detail


Tudor style homes, also called Medieval Revival, have a distinct medieval style with steeply pitched gabled roofs, solid masonry, elaborate brick and stonework, and are asymmetrical. Tudor homes feature beautiful embellishment around the doorways and windows with stucco walls and decorative wood half-timbering. To many, a classic Tudor home looks like it stepped out of a storybook with countryside charm that can pair perfectly with wooded lakeside life. Checkout in Detail


The beautiful Medieval styles of homes in the English countryside were the inspiration for American architects who created the cottage style homes of today. This style reached its height in the 1930s and includes storybook details like steep pitched roofs, cross roof gables, casement windows, and a combination of stucco, stone, and brick. Cottage style homes are casual, authentic, and full of charm. This design lends well to rural living, especially wooded and lakefront living. While traditional cottages are small, the design can also be scaled. Checkout in Detail

Log Homes

Log homes were originally small, humble cabins. This home style came to the United States in the 1600s with European settlers who brought their tradition of using stacked logs to build homes. Original log homes were built without nails and few amenities, but today’s log homes are often grand and luxurious retreats. While log homes can be built anywhere, they are most often found in rural settings, including near quiet woods, hillsides, and lakes. Checkout in Detail

Mountain Chalet Style Home Designs for Lake Anna

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Mountain Chalet

While cabins are usually associated with modest rough-hewn homes made from log timber layers, chalets are typically grand mountain-inspired homes. A mountain chalet home typically has a steeply angled roof, overhanging eaves, and paneled sides. Chalet homes have origins in the Swiss Alps, but today they can combine elements from a log home. Chalet homes have a strong affinity with nature with the ability to blend in with the environment. This makes them a classic choice for custom homes in wooded areas and along lakes or beaches.Checkout in Detail


Ranch style homes rose in popularity in the 1950s and are usually defined as a single-level home with an “L,” “U,” or rectangular shape. Ranch style homes are also called ramblers and they can spread quite far, incorporating plenty of square footage within a single level of living. In fact, the original ranch homes of the 1920s were built for wealthy individuals who wanted sprawling, expansive homes. Modern ranch homes usually incorporate large picture windows, open floor plans, outdoor living areas, and multiple French doors. Checkout in Detail


Modern home design became popular in the mid-19th century as a response to ornate and cluttered architecture that was common at the time. A home with modern architecture has minimal flair and ornamentation with a focus on strong horizontal lines, open floor plans, asymmetry, and large expanses of glass. This style lends well to lakeside living with expansive glass walls to enjoy sweeping water views. Checkout in Detail


While modern design is actually rooted in the early 1900s and 1950s, contemporary architecture refers to the style of the current era. Contemporary homes may look a lot like modern style homes with a focus on function, quality, and clean lines, although contemporary homes often feature bold patterns, creativity, and the latest technology. Contemporary homes use materials inspired by nature, such as large glass windows, natural stone, and wood. Checkout in Detail

Carriage House Plans

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Carriage homes were originally outbuildings of large estate where owners housed horses and carriages. There are many restored carriage houses throughout the Northeast, but the carriage house style has become so popular that it can serve as inspiration for a new custom home. If you are considering a carriage home for your lakeside retreat, you may want to incorporate large dormers, vaulted ceilings, and carriage doors, which are large barn doors that swing outward, unlike the modern garage door that rolls up. Checkout in Detail


While some people picture large estates when they envision a lake home, others imagine a cozy retreat that focuses on quality and natural materials. Craftsman style homes are perfectly suited to a lakefront lifestyle with an emphasis on wood, stone, and brick along with large porches to extend living space outdoors. Craftsman homes almost always feature columns as porch supports, multi-pane windows, low sloped roofs, and exposed rafter beams and tails. The goal of a Craftsman style home is showcasing the work that goes into the design and the quality of the materials. Checkout in Detail

French Country

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French Country

The French country home style lends itself perfectly to quiet lakeside living with old-world rustic charm combined with European grace and elegance. French country homes are made with a focus on natural materials. This includes stone exteriors and turrets, steep slate roofs, and wood ceiling beams and timbers. A French country custom home can be conservative with cottage features or it can be a grand, sweeping estate stretching along the shoreline. Checkout in Detail

Colonial Style

Colonial-style architecture originated with the Dutch settlers in the Colonies like Pennsylvania and Delaware. Republic Home Builders has floor plans that take this romantic home style to reality. The Colonial style is characterized by double-hung windows, steeply pitched roofs, covered front porches, and a symmetrical yet stately design. Colonial homes remain popular throughout Spotsylvania and Orange County, Virginia with the perfect blend of charm and sophistication.

The Colonial style comes in many variations but the most popular style around Lake Anna is the Colonial Revival or Neo-Colonial home. If you’re dreaming of a home with unique architectural elements, a stately exterior, and an open floor plan, Republic Home Builders can help you design a custom Colonial-style home to bring your vision to life. Checkout in Detail