Those who are considering building a home or making renovations in 2018 should be aware of some popular trends. Things like bright colors and cement elements have taken on a greater importance this year. Republic Home Builders can help you design and build a modern home that takes many of these trends into account. Here are some of the top choices for 2018.

Creative Use of Concrete Elements

Cement has long been associated with home exteriors. This year everyone seems to be realizing the potential of concrete for creative home interiors . Concrete is being implemented into everything from countertops to flooring.

Concrete planters and tables are also in vogue. The great thing about concrete is that there are options for everyone. The homeowner can go minimal with some accent pieces, or they can go big with loft-style floors.

Sparse Bedroom Floorplans

Every homeowner wants to have a comfortable bedroom. The current bedroom trend, however, is to create maximum comfort with minimal space. The tendency is to want to devote more space to communal living areas instead of enlarging personal space.

Closets, in particular, are undergoing a major design overhaul. Fashionable closets include a more economical and practical use of space. The focus is on organization for efficiency. Keeping the bedroom itself free of clutter is a priority for those who want the most relaxing rest area.

Natural Finishes

The appeal of a natural wood finish isn’t really a new trend, but it does seem to factor more heavily in new designs. Wood floors are back in style, and natural cabinets are hot. The thing is, people are thinking beyond wood for natural finishes today.

Alternatives like bamboo and stone are growing in popularity. Many of these natural materials are capable of adding warmth to a home that wood doesn’t provide. There is something about using natural finishes that incorporates the outdoors into the home. In many cases, adding lots of greenery only enhances the appeal of natural finishes.

Sunrooms and Sitting Rooms

Having an area that brings in the natural lighting of outdoors is a strong building trend for 2018. A sunroom or sitting room creates a place to retreat from the normal hustle and bustle of the home. These areas can become a retreat within a retreat, offering you a greater amount of comfort in your living space.

There are creative ways to implement other design elements into these rooms. Windows can be used to create plant displays, and game room items can also help craft a preferred family gathering area.

Let Republic Home Builders Create Your Trendy Home

Republic Home Builders prides itself on being in touch with the current trends in home building. Our professional staff enjoys the process of sitting down with clients to discuss imaginative ways to design a home.

Your home is your place of solitude and security. It should be a place where you feel at ease. A trendy home will give you a greater sense of pride, and it will also provide you with more freedom to customize as you see fit.

All of the current trends mentioned above are a possibility for you when you choose Republic Home Builders. We will help bring your home vision to life. From unique home plans to financing, we strive to be a complete solution for the home builder. Our reputation is bolstered with every successful project we complete.

Call us today so that we can visit with you about the custom home trends for 2018. We know that you’ll find something that expresses your own unique personality.

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