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Design: Closed Floor Plans

In our last blog post, we talked about open floor plans. Open floor plans are incredibly popular right now for new home construction and for remodels. But remember, trends come and go! And perhaps, in the next few years closed floor plans will make a comeback.

So why would you choose a closed floor plan?

Well everyone has a different style and needs. And although closed floor plans were features of houses built before 1990, they were built this way because people wanted privacy. A closed floor plan puts a wall between the living room, dining room and kitchen; allowing a little bit of privacy in whichever room you are in.

If you are really into decorating and specifically wall art, the addition of more walls gives you more places to decorate. Unlike an open floor plan, the walls dividing the living room, dining room and kitchen give you more options for colors. So if you want your living room one color and the kitchen another, the walls allow a division, so the colors don’t clash.

wall art

More walls also reduce noise. While it is a great benefit to be able to see your children in the living room while you are prepping a meal, it is not fun when you are trying to watch TV, and the blender is being used. A closed floor plan will reduce and limit the noise.


Allowing more walls also allows for more customized rooms. For example, if you choose to have to have two living areas or an office, the walls will allow for more individual spaces. What you might want for your living room might not be the same style that you would like for your office.

As we mentioned before, open floor plans are what is currently popular. Butt it all depends on our style and needs and a closed floor plan could provide you with a lot of benefits not found in open floor plans. If you are ready to build your new home in the Fredericksburg or in any of the other counties we serve give Republic Home Builders a call. We will find the right style and layout for your needs!

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