Is a French Country Home built by Republic Home Builders the Right Fit for You?

French Country architecture is inspired by the cottages of rural France with historic charm and a unique blend of informal and formal elements. This beautiful style of architecture and interior design has been popular for several hundred years. While some French Country homes are modest cottages, today’s French Country homes in Spotsylvania, Louisa and Orange County, VA are often built in the style of French Provincial villas and chateaus with a grand modern design paired with charming fairy tale details like cupolas and tall, arched windows.

This style of home looks like it belongs in a storybook, allowing it to pair seamlessly with a wooded or waterfront lot. Republic Home Builders can help you achieve a French Country home that is truly a dream come true. Here’s how to achieve the unique look of French Provincial architecture and design in your custom home.

Key Features of a French Country Home

The French Country style is popular because it combines Old World elegance with a comfortable, modern interior. This style of home seamlessly blends old and new, formal and informal. A French Country home may be a modest cottage or it can be a large chateau, which is most common with a custom French Country home in Louisa or Lake Anna. The beauty of the French Country style is it’s not cookie-cutter; no two French Country homes look alike.

While the French Country style encompasses everything from simple rural farmhouses to majestic chateaus, there are some common features you will notice, especially an asymmetrical exterior and beautiful ornamental accents.

* Asymmetrical design with a steeply pitched roof and multiple heights, possibly with curved roof pitches. Some French Country homes have a hip roof instead which has sides that gently slope downwards toward the walls. Multiple roof elements are a common characteristic of a French Country home and give the home a medieval appearance and unique outline from every angle. To evoke the fairy tale, old-world feel, a French Country home often has a cedar shake or slate roof. For a more modern feel and less upkeep, a metal tile roof can achieve the same look.

* May have cupolas or domes adorning the roof. Cupolas often top a projecting element of the roof and may be filled with windows.

* Two stories tall

* Roof comes down to the windows with eaves that flare at the junction of the outer walls and roof

* Brick, stone, and/or stucco exterior

* Curved arches and soft lines

* Large chimney that’s sloped at the base

* Tall, thin multi-paned windows, often with window boxes and arches.

* Dormer windows are common, especially pairs

* Rustic details such as wrought-iron flourishes, a simple portico entrance, and shutters.

* Wood beam ceilings, plaster walls, and stone or hardwood floors inside are common

History of the French Country Style

French Country architecture, or French Provincial, is a style that originates from French design that became common in palaces in the 1600s when Louis XIV began a movement to make France the definers of refined style and taste. He led a major renovation of the Palace of Versailles using on the best artisans and craftspeople to design a luxurious and upscale style. He also ensured that his French style became popular throughout Europe by the 18th century.

Upscale French design was eventually desired by the masses, most of whom lived in simple country homes and estates. High-end French goods were adapted to the needs of everyday life which is when the now-popular “country French” interior design began.

French country interior design focuses on:

* Furnishings that blend old with new. Ornate Louis XV-inspired pieces blend with rustic furniture with clean lines.

* French toile fabrics, linens, and cottons

* Patterns that include intricate toile fabrics, large check prints, and animal prints

* Wide planked wood flooring or stone flooring

French Provincial architecture has become one of the most distinctive characteristics of many buildings in France with tall second-story windows with arched tops breaking through the cornices. This interesting and beautiful window style eventually made its way to the United States and American French Provincial homes in the 19th century.

There are many examples of this style throughout the country, including many areas of Spotsylvania and Orange County, VA. The French Country architectural style can be seen in suburbs built between WWI and WWII and newer high-end housing developments. The style is also popular for custom homes in the Lake Anna area as most French Provincial homes are built on a large scale. Republic Home Builders can help you bring

your vision of a beautiful French Country style chateau a reality, combining old and new world charm for life in Louisa, VA.

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