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Kitchen Series: All About Kitchen Design Styles (Part 1)

We continue our Kitchen blog series with kitchen design styles. As you build your new kitchen in your custom home in Fredericksburg, you must decide on what kind of style you want your kitchen to have. Pictures on Pinterest and Instagram makes these various styles look amazing, so it can be tough trying to decide what look you want to go for.

Nowadays, the kitchen is not only just a place to cook food, but it’s also a place to spend time with the family and entertain guests. That is why regardless of the style you pick, it is important to choose a style that makes you feel comfortable.

We have gathered a list of the top kitchen design styles that have ruled the American kitchen for the past 50 years; we hope this list can help you decide:

Traditional Kitchen: The traditional kitchen design is the most popular. It usually consists of browns, grays, and white. These kitchens have an American style with elegant touches like arches on windows and doors or antique décor on the countertops.

traditional kitchen

Modern Kitchen: The modern style is incredibly popular at the moment; this style also extends to other rooms in the house such as the living room and bedroom. The style is minimalistic and sleek. The main pieces are usually the countertops and the stainless steel appliances. There is never clutter or loud décor in these kitchens. This kitchen style is almost futuristic.

modern kitchen

Country/Farmhouse Kitchen: Whether you are in the city or in an actual farmhouse, this style is homey. This kitchen is a bright comfortable space with all wood cabinets, tables and chairs. Sometimes the wall might be brick or tile. The décor may include a mason jar or two. Always comfortable, the country/farmhouse style is sure to make everyone feel at home.

farmhouse kitchen

Cottage Kitchen: Defined as cute and cozy and despite its cottage origin, these kitchens range from small to large. A very carefree feeling, not everything has to match in this kitchen. You can incorporate pastel colors and make this style even brighter. Add a few things from a flea market and you are set!

cottage kitchen

In our next blog post, we will cover four more popular design styles. We hope that these four styles have inspired you into choosing your next kitchen style. But if you are ready to custom build your kitchen, give Republic Home Builders a call!

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