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kitchen countertop

Kitchen Series: Kitchen Countertops That Never Go Out of Style

The time has come! You are ready to build your home in Fredericksburg or Lake Anna, and you have chosen us to help your dreams come true. When you are building your home, every room in the house is important.  You might know what you want your living room or your bedroom to look like but might still be thinking about what look to give your kitchen.  So for all the people out there still deciding on the look for your kitchen, we have decided to create a blogging series on kitchen design! This is our first part of the series, and we will be focusing on kitchen countertops.

A huge part of kitchen design has to do with kitchen countertops. Your countertops give style to the room and it is on what you will be preparing your food, so it is imperative to choose the right countertops. We have chosen a few classic countertop materials that will make sure that your kitchen stays in style for years to come.

quartz countertop


Quartz comes in all colors! You can choose from red to cream. They are also scratch resistant and the most durable countertop material. The speckled look on the stone can make your countertops shine in any color.

granite countertopGranite

Granite is so popular that it has become a classic. It also comes in different colors but unlike other countertop materials granite is 100% natural. The design of the stone can be versatile depending on the color you use. The easiest granite countertop colors to use are grays or creams because you can style them with any other colors in the kitchen.

marble countertop


Marble is the priciest of the bunch. Taking care of marble is also hard. While Quartz and Granite require a bit of maintenance, marble stains and chips easily.  But marble looks good in all kitchens. The natural material makes each piece unique. Marble is definitely an investment piece.

Countertop trends come and go; this is why we chose these three materials as the most timeless and stylish countertops. If you are ready to build your dream kitchen give Republic Home Builders a call. We will make sure your vision comes alive!

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