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Kitchen Series: All About Kitchen Design Styles (Part 2)

We are back with the continuation of our previous blog post! On the previous post, we talked about traditional, modern, country and cottage kitchens. These styles have been incredibly popular for the last 50 years. But we have also had a few more popular designs such as contemporary, rustic, transitional and shaker.


Contemporary: It is very common to group modern and contemporary together, but they are both different. A contemporary kitchen borrows from the modern style by incorporating the open spaces and the clean look. But with contemporary, you can add pops of color in a perhaps all-white or gray kitchen. It’s clean but with a bit of fun.

contemporary kitchen

Rustic: A rustic kitchen feels as homey and warm as a cottage kitchen. But the rustic style moves more towards raw and worn. The style consists of a lot of dark woods, and colors like copper. The decor should concentrate on natural items or family pictures, anything that is natural and makes your kitchen feel as if someone actually lives and cooks there.

rustic kitchen
Transitional: Transitional is exactly what is sounds like. The style is a mix of traditional and modern; as if you were renovating your kitchen but kept some items from your old kitchen and added a few new touches. You can blend natural and manufactured items like you blend the old and new! You can also play with the finishes and decor by considering different eras.

transitional kitchen

Shaker: You guessed it! The shaker kitchen style comes from the Shakers, who were a group of people who broke off from the Quakers in the late 18th century. They were skilled craftsmen who produced their own wood furniture. This style is based on the simplicity, yet timeless beauty of their designs. A shaker kitchen is timeless and minimal on the decor. It is easy to mix this style with other ones (think of contemporary shaker and a cottage shaker kitchen).

shaker kitchen

While there are many other kitchen (new ones are always invented) we believe that these kitchen design styles are timeless and a good list to use to begin thinking of what you want your kitchen to look like. Republic Home Builders will help you design the kitchen and home of your dreams in any design style! Give us a call and let’s begin construction on your perfect home!

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