Is a Modern Style Home Right for You?

Do you love sleek, clean lines and stark contrast? Do you appreciate low-maintenance materials, quality construction, and open floor plans? A modern home built by Republic Home Builders may be perfect for you. The name is a bit misleading as this style isn’t modern in the truest sense — it refers to architecture and design of the mid-20th century — but it shares many characteristics with contemporary design, which refers to the current style. Modern homes typically feature a blend of manmade and natural high-end materials with a unique asymmetrical facade and clean, sharp lines. Modern homes are some of the most expensive in Spotsylvania and Orange County, VA and you will see many examples of this style of home throughout Louisa and Lake Anna.

Not sure if a modern style home is the right fit for your lifestyle? Here’s everything you need to know about this timeless style that can blend in perfectly with life along Lake Anna.

Key Features of a Modern Home

Modern design has remained popular for nearly a century for its sharp appearance, clean lines, open spaces, and unique use of materials. It can be difficult to tell a contemporary and modern home apart but a modern home can be recognized by several key characteristics:

  • Clean, boxy structure. Most modern homes are made of reinforced concrete or white stucco with intentional asymmetry, a flat roof, and distinct right angles.
  • Function over form. A modern home is very utilitarian with no need for items or details that don’t serve a purpose. You won’t see decorative elements or unneeded flourishes; the quality of the materials and workmanship speak for themselves. This minimalistic approach means a modern home tries to achieve the most while using the least.
  • Simple forms and geometric shapes with a lack of ornamentation. A modern home doesn’t have unnecessary ornamentation like shutters, molding, or ridges.
  • Large window panes. Modern architecture arose when sheet glass was a new material. Modern homes make use of it with large panes of glass, picture windows, and floor-to-ceiling windows. You may even see entire walls that are seemingly made of glass. This helps blend the indoors with the outdoors and make the home feel even larger and more open.
  • Open floor plan. The modern movement was a breakaway from traditional design in every sense. While traditional homes of the 19th century were very claustrophobic with many walls separating every room and plenty of hallways, a modern home is very open with as few walls as possible. Modern design also breaks away from the traditional by not filling spaces physically or visually. Instead, a modern home is adorned simply with a fresh, clean appearance and just one or two colors.
  • Bare floors. Modern homes do not feature carpet. Instead, floors are polished concrete, hardwood, or natural stone.
  • Natural and manmade materials. A modern home incorporates what were once cutting-edge technologies like plastics, sheet glass, reinforced concrete, and steel but they are balanced with plenty of natural materials like leather, stone, wood, linen, and teak. This helps bring warmth and texture into the space that may otherwise feel sterile with such sleek lines and minimal color.

History of Modern Homes

Modern architecture emerged at the beginning of the 20th century and reached its height after World War II. This style of design was based upon new construction technology like reinforced concrete, steel, and sheet glass and a rejection of ornate Arts and neoclassical architecture common in the 19th century. Many modern homes of the era were made using what was then revolutionary post and beam architectural design that allowed walls to be nearly made of glass without unnecessary bulk.

Modern architecture, also known as mid-century modern, was a global movement. Scandinavian and Brazilian architects were very influential in the movement and helped define a style with simple, clean lines that integrate with nature. Scandinavian design — the and now — is characterized by natural shapes, clean lines, and simplicity. A German school of architecture and art called Bauhaus also made a significant impact on the modern movement, especially influencing the “less is more” concept.

When the Bauhaus movement made its way to America, it became known as the International Style which included key elements like a lack of ornamentation, a clean structure, simple forms, a focus on function, and a rejection of traditional style.

One of the most influential and well-known architects at the beginning of the modern era was Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed over 1,000 structures. While Wright designed everything from skyscrapers and hotels to churches, he is best known for his homes. His Unity Temple is also considered to be the first modern building in the world as it was constructed using only reinforced concrete.

A real estate developer and builder named Joseph Eichler is considered key in bringing modern architecture — or Eichler Homes — to the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, and later the east coast.

Modern vs Contemporary: What’s the Difference?

Modern and contemporary architecture and design are often used interchangeably but there are many differences between the two. Contemporary refers to design of the current era while modern homes refer to the style of the early to mid-20th century. Today’s contemporary homes borrow many elements from modern homes including clean lines, an asymmetrical and boxy home facade, and the mix of manmade and natural materials, but modern homes are more monochromatic, sleeker, and defined.

A custom modern home can be the perfect fit for life in Spotsylvania or Orange County, VA as it offers open space, a flexible floor plan, large expanses of glass, and a smooth transition between outdoor and indoor living to make the most of life in the Louisa area and enjoy the view. With bare floors, high-end materials like polished metal and natural stone, and an open floor plan, modern homes are also easy to maintain and clean with space perfectly suited for entertaining friends and family

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