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Couple Planning Their Home

Moving In and Organizing Your New Home

Building a new home can be a very exciting process, and new homeowners usually can’t wait to move in and get themselves settled. But, after you’ve moved all of your stuff into your new home, putting it away and organizing it is when a real challenge pops up. Not all of us are naturally organized, so it takes some discipline and planning to put your home together. This list of tips and tricks can help even the most unorganized of people set up their new lives!

family unpacking boxes

  1. Set-up One Room at a Time: One of the biggest mistakes you can make is jumping from room to room, trying to set them up simultaneously. We recommend concentrating on one room first, making sure it’s fully set-up to your needs and then moving on to the next one. P.S. It’s usually best to set-up the kitchen and bathrooms first because they house all of the bare necessities!
  2. Make a List of What You Need: Once you’ve set-up each room with what you already have, you’ll need to make note of what’s missing. What worked in a previous home isn’t going to work in your new home. This is especially true if you’ve moved from a one bedroom rental apartment to a four bedroom single-family home. You can’t possible make the furniture stretch across that many new rooms. So, you’ll need to make a list of what you need for each room.
  3. Plan & Design: Now that you know what you need for each room, it’s time to make a plan! You should never rush to the store and buy a bunch of random objects to place in your room because it’s rarely works. Instead, you should sit down and draw up what you want each room to look like (based on what you already have and what you need). After you’ve made a plan, you should research where you should buy your needed items.
  4. Finishing Touches: After purchasing your new items, it’s time to add those finishing touches to each room! Place your new and old items together, according to your plan, and then add in your finishing touches!

designing home
Finally, if this list doesn’t yet apply to you, then you should look into building a new home! Contact Republic Home Builders today if you and your family are ready to take the next step toward designing and building your dream home!

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