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Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

Building a home can be a scary step for any home owner who has previously purchased an existing home. The process can seem daunting, stressful and too much. But, your home builder is here to help. When you start the process, there are some questions that you should ask your builder to make sure you can build a trusting relationship. Here are our guidelines for questions to ask your builder:

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  1. Are you licensed and insured in the state? – If your builder has all of the appropriate licenses and insurance, then you are good to go! But, you should do your due diligence beforehand and make sure.
  2. Do you have a model home for me to see? – Some builders have model homes and others may have existing customers who are willing to let you check out the builder’s work.
  3. Do you offer a warranty? What is or is not covered under the warranty?
  4. Can you build my home within my budget? – Some home builders only build homes within a certain budget frame. If your budget is $200K and you’re speaking with a builder who only builds $1million homes, then you need to look elsewhere.
  5. If price changes occur, when will you let me know?
  6. Who chooses the subcontractors?
  7. How many updates will I receive during construction? – Most builders should tell you what their process is upfront. But, if they don’t, be sure to ask! Will it be daily, weekly, monthly, etc?
  8. How often am I allowed to visit the construction site, if at all? – If you’re someone who likes to be very involved in the home building process, make sure that your builder is okay with you stopping by.
  9. What is the overall timeline and when can I expect the home to be completed?
  10. What is your cancellation and refund policy, if I choose to go to a different builder?

We hope these questions are a great starting point for your home building process! If you are looking to build a home in the Fredericksburg, Caroline, Spotsylvania or Stafford areas, give Republic Home Builders a call today! We are proud to work with families who have different backgrounds, budgets, wants and needs!

  1. Ernest London
    Ernest LondonJul 27, 2017

    I like that you mentioned to ask a builder how often they plan to communicate with you so you can be informed throughout the build. My wife and I are planning to build a home, and it is very important to us that we are in the loop through the whole process. I will definitely be looking for a builder who has a solid plan for communication and updating me.

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