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From a House to a “Smart Home”

Fredericksburg is a very historic city, in fact the city attracts hundreds of excited visitors each year wanting to see Fredericksburg’s monuments. And although we live in a historic area that does mean that your home has to stay in the 1700’s.


Movies always present images of incredible smart homes that do absolutely everything for you. And while we are many years away from those homes, your house can still become a “smart home.” In today’s world, with the constant invention of gadgets, we can have almost everything at our fingertips. These devices are usually incorporated into your home to make your life easier. With only a couple of these products, you can begin to transform your home into a “smart home.”


  • Set the mood: You can change the colors of your lights just for fun! Set the mood for any event with your lights. Having a party? Want a romantic night? Try the Phillips Hue! You can control the lights by using their app which will allows you to set brightness, timers and more!


  • Plugged in: Many times while you are sitting in your car as you are driving away from home, a scary thought comes to mind “Did I unplug the space heater?” Well, you can stop stressing about whether or not you unplugged an appliance. The Belkin WeMo Switch takes care of that problem. Just plug it into an existing AC outlet, and it connects to your Wi-Fi. By using their app, you can turn on or off whatever you left plugged in!


  • Cleaning: Want help with the cleaning? A Roomba is what you need! Through their app, you can schedule your Roomba to clean your floor (carpet or wood) at any time of the day, and if it runs out of power it automatically recharges itself and finishes the cleaning job.


  • Assistant: By now you’ve probably heard of Alexa or Google Home. They are both great options for a “smart” assistant. Do you need a recipe? The name of the actor of that movie you saw last night or the current weather? They can do it all. Plus, it also connects to many other “smart” home products so you can do it all just using your assistant!


These are only a few items you can use to transform your home! And if you are ready to design the house of your dreams you can give us a call. Republic Home Builders can build on your lot or even help you find the right location to build your home! If you have any questions, we are a phone call away!

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