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Winter Energy Conservation

Winter begins today, December 21st, which means the Fredericksburg area is in for some colder weather! With that colder weather, usually comes higher electricity bills, when your family is doing everything they can to stay warm. However, your bills don’t always have to skyrocket in the Winter. We’ve come up with a list of tips to make sure that you stay warm and keep your bill down.


winter curtains


Open your curtains during the day and close your curtains after the sun goes down.

With your curtains open during the day, the sun will help to heat up the inside of your home. As soon as the sun starts to set, however, you need to close them up, to prevent any heat loss. You can go a step further and buy insulated curtains, which will help to keep the cold air out.


Set your thermostat to 68° if possible, or lower, if you’re comfortable.

Heating costs are said to increase by 3%-5% for each degree above 68°, so it’s recommended that you try to keep your thermostat set at this temperature. If you can go lower and put on more clothes, it will save you more money.


Clean or replace air filters throughout the house.

If your home is filled with dirty air filters, then your heating and cooling systems have to work even harder. This tip actually applies to all seasons, so make sure that you’re constantly staying on top of replacing your filters.


Install storm windows throughout your home.

Storm windows are said to reduce heat loss by anywhere from 25% to 50%. And if you purchase energy efficient storm windows, you can save even more!


Change your ceiling fan direction to clockwise.

In the Winter, you should change any ceiling fans to spin clockwise. This will redistribute the warm air down into the room and make you more comfortable. It is also said to save up to 15% on heating costs.

We hope you’ll get started on enacting all of these tips. We want to ensure that you have a warm, but cheap, Winter ahead!

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